We are one of the UK’s fastest growing independent lenders

We offer a range of bridging loan products for different sectors, with terms and interest rates which vary depending on your requirements. We understand each client is unique and no two bridging solutions are ever the same therefore view each application on an individual basis. Our honest and direct approach is tailored to your specific requirements.

You may be looking for bridging finance for a residential investment or for a commercial activity. Perhaps you only need a short-term bridging loan to cover a shortfall in cash flow, or you may require assistance with financing an acquisition over a longer period of up to one year.

Whatever you need we are able to assist and are well known in the market for dealing with complex cases successfully. We lend to private individuals as well as on a commercial basis.

Our professional team will always go above and beyond to identify the terms that best suit your needs. Our application process is simple and straightforward. You can start right now by clicking here.

With a proven track record of delivering results we are able to identify your specific requirements and offer a bespoke service no matter what the challenges are.

Our highly trained advisors are able to respond to clients in a prompt and professional manner – ensuring they receive the finance required to fund an acquisition, re-finance or refurbishment of a property and more importantly when you need it the most.

  • MFS UK is an Associate Lender of the Association of Bridging Professionals (AOBP)
  • Patron lender for the NACFB
  • We are also a member of the ASTL


We have the right expertise when it comes to providing bridging finance for our clients

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Market Financial Solutions to raise a bridging loan for your projects:

  • We have immediate access to in-house funds in order to finance your project.
  • Our professional team are courteous and attentive – we want to lend you the money you require for your project.
  • We are able to offer bridging finance for various property projects, both large and small, including purchasing, renovation or land acquisition.
  • Most of our bridging loans can be arranged and disbursed within seven working days, subject to valuation and due diligence.
  • Flexible finance options allow us to identify and cater for your specific needs: Roll up/ monthly/Interest Only, we are here to help with cash flow.
  • The entire application process is simple and efficient for your convenience.
  • We believe in transparency from start to finish. We will always be honest and upfront about the bridging finance deals we can provide.
  • As Associate lenders of the Association of Bridging Professionals (AOBP) and member of the Association of Short Term Lender (ASTL), we adhere to all guidelines and directives.


We are an independent principal bridging lender and are honoured to be a patron lender of the
National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB)

Our business skill and competence has allowed us to experience strong organic growth and is demonstrated by the number and calibre of both clients and investors trusting our ability to deliver. We pride ourselves on consistently conducting business professionally with all parties of interest.

We offer advice and guidance to our clients, helping them to choose the right finance for their business requirements. The bridging products we offer cover a wide range therefore no matter how simple or complicated the deal is MFS has the expertise to deal with all queries promptly.

As a result of good presentation and packaging we continuously maintain strong track record with intermediaries and client loyalty, allowing us to succeed irrespective of the financial climate.

The bridging services we have available are suitable for individuals, partnerships, SMEs, corporates, professionals, commercial investors, residential developers, governments and institutional backed projects.

We serve clients across a diverse range of industries including commercial, corporates, leisure, healthcare, retail and residential. At MFS we manage our own funds therefore have immediate access to Funds which allows us to streamline the process and quicken the turnaround times. This coupled with an in-house underwriting professional team means we are able to provide instantaneous decisions regarding bridging finance.

Speed as well as professionalism has allowed MFS to become cutting edge in the Bridging arena therefore providing competitive rates from as low as 0.75% and providing fantastic schemes for Intermediaries.

By working closely with recognised approved professional body’s keeps us abreast of the market to provide an efficient and reliable service. This has been demonstrated by our well -developed high quality customer base as well as working closely with UK loan brokers to maintain strong relationships.