Short Term Loan Required for a Property in White City, London

Gross Loan Amount: £290,000

Market Value: £390,000

A client was introduced to us by a regular broker who required funds to refinance an unencumbered BTL property located in White City, London. The client required the funds to complete development on another site that he owned. The property is located in an area which has good rental market. Market Financial Solutions offered the client 75% of the Market Value as Gross Loan amount for the terms of 12 months. We also rolled up and retained the interest upfront, which gave the borrower room to concentrate on his completion of his development site. We instructed the local valuer and instructed our solicitors simultaneously. Borrower’s solicitors were already on standby, hence all the legal process was completed without any hiccups. Borrowers were immensely satisfied with the service we provided by Market Financial Solutions.

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